Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Is The Baptist Campus Ministry?

It is a Bible study.

2) What Do You Do?

  • Attend the Bible studies.
  • Make friends with other members.
  • Have activities. Periodically, throughout the semester we get together, listen to preaching, eat, play games, etc. See the Events page for more details.

3) Who gives the Bible studies?

The Bible studies are given by Joshua Turk.  He is the pastor of Clearview Baptist Church as well as the president of the Baptist Campus Ministry.

4) Where Do You Meet?

We are now meeting in:

Galileo’s Pavilion

Room 102

5) When Do You Meet?

Friday’s @ 6:00pm in GP 102

(except for Feb 28, we will be meeting in CC 224)


6) How Much Time Will It Take?

About 45 minutes each week.

7) Why Should I Join The BCM?

  • You Genuinely Want To Serve The Lord
  • You Want To Be Encouraged To Live For God
  • You Want To Make Friends

8) How Do I Join?


1) College Student

You must be a JCCC student.

2) Sign-Up

Through CampusLabs

  1. Go to:
  2. Logon with your student email and password
  3. Click on “Organizations” and find the “Baptist Campus Ministry
  4. Click “Join”

Or just sign up in-person at one of our recruiting tables.

3) Attend

Attend our weekly meetings.

Other Info

Do I Have To Be A Baptist To Join?

No, you do not have to be a Baptist to join the club, everyone is welcome.

Can I Join After The Semester Has Started?

Yes, you can join anytime. Just show up and say ‘hi’ and make friends.

My Class Overlaps When You Start, Can I Come Late?

Yes. If you have a class that starts before we are done you can leave early too.